Crossover-y Cattos

Main is @tkitten16 | you can use any of these designs for MAP's/PMV's/Fanfics, just give credit if you do, thanks!

Rufflestripe (Popple)|Mario & Luigi series|tom|

Rufflestripe is the older brother to Swirlpaw, and pretty much his only family left (that the two know of) with his odd speech patterns that he learned from watching two-leg shows he pretty much doesn't act like a normal cat (or warrior for that matter)

some catAU!Popple sketches, i still need to work on his ref/fur pattern but this is basically what i'm going for him.
(also hello Cat!Sinder, still need to work on you too lol)

Batear (Cackletta)|Mario & Luigi series|she-cat|

Batear is a former beanclan deputy that was kicked out for reasons she tends to keep hidden. she plans on getting her revenge on the clan, and trains Swirlpaw and his brother in preparation for that day.

Swirlpaw|AKA Fawful|Mario & Luigi series|tom|

Swirlpaw was a former kittypet that was raised by a budding twoleg scientist along with his older brother Rufflestripe (Popple), due to that (And a few attempted studies on cat inteligence) he's a few steps ahead tech-wise than normal cats. sadly, he and his brother were forced to leave their former owner's home after a devastating accident that neither he nor Rufflestripe want to talk about.

Swirlpaw is currently in training to become a Warrior by former Beanclan cat Batear (cackletta)